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Herbal juice shots

The secret of liquid yoga

Yoga unites our mind, body, and soul so that they can function in harmony.  Our cold pressed herb juice shots, liquid yoga, complement the  yoga-aasanas.  Got you curious?  Order our products here, learn more below or simply come to our sampling events.  You are cordially invited to this journey from happy to happier :)

"Cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always." - Hippocrates

Our promise


100% Natural

We keep the ingredients as fresh and raw as possible so that their nutrients and fibers are not damaged or lost.  Our cold pressed process is as close the mortar and muslin used in old times.  Along with natural fiber and acid of the juice, minimal metal exposure, tightly sealed bottles, and refrigeration extend the shelf life of our juice shots while keeping the flavor intact.


Essential Ingredients

* Our Embrace juice shot uses the Queen of herbs, Tulsi (holy basil). Adding local honey, ginger, turmeric, black pepper, and lime make the formula tasty and power packed.

* Our Revive juice shot uses Amla (gooseberry) as its prime ingredient. We make it cooler and fun by adding mint, honey and ginger to it.  


Eco Friendly

We believe in circular economy.  Our processes don't only include procurement, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution but we close the loop by reusing and composting.  You too can help make that circle larger by returning the bottles and packaging.  

Our Story