What is Liquid Yoga

There was no such thing before we began.  One version was in India. Outside of joggers park, there would be a merchant selling fresh juices out of neem, bitter melon & other ingredients as shown in this Times of India article.
Times of India article
Similarly, there was a practice of making an immunity booster out of ginger extract, lime and honey in the morning in many households.
Liquid Yoga purpose is very similar but the approach is different.  They are made in a commercial facility using a slow juicer.  These are temperature controlled in air tight vials for reducing the bacterial count.
For you, instead of making it fresh every morning (imagine that), there is an added convenience to pop open a vial.  You can store these for 6+ months as shown in the lab tests.  The nutrient density and fibers are intact.  So, compared to the other products available in the market,
  • These are not pasteurized or pressure treated. 
  • There is no organic aqua added. 
  • There is no base other than the herbs.
  • These are not probiotics or fermented drinks. 
  • These are not juices or beverages as you don't take an 8 oz of this. 
  • These are not detox cleanse diet meals.
You can only take up to one ounce a day.  The smaller quantity and big impact make them herbal supplements.  Empty stomach in the morning is the best for your body to absorb its nutrients.  Since these are so tasty and full of texture, what they can be:
  • Flavors in your salad dressings or drinks.
  • Chutneys with your veggies.
  • Seasoning when cooking rice, couscous, quinoa or pasta.
  • Add-on for your herbal teas